Sugar and Spice is a family run business, our passion for food and our family transcends through every a spect our business.

We started our business January 2016 but don’t let that put you off already we have added so many events to our portfolio in such a small time. We also are very proud of our 5 star hygiene rating so you can feel reassured that we take our food safety very seriously. We started this sweet and spice adventure through our love of these great flavours. Our ingredients are sourced locally to support the local community. We are also proud members of the National Market Traders Federation and NCASS

We sell food with a twist it’s not just sweet crepes that we do but we also do haloumi wraps, chicken peri peri wraps, veggie wraps, salads and so much more. We also are very proud of our homemade special peri peri marinade that will make you come back for more.